Jack-up platform “Thor”, Germany

The “Thor” jack-up platform with its enormous 3,300 t loading capacity, 1,850 m² free deck area and a deckload of 15 t/m² for maximum efficiency when in use at open sea. Particularly impressive is the hydraulic lifting system of the approx. 11,000 t jack-up platform.

Montanhydraulik has supplied a total of 24 pull cylinders for the more than 80 m-long legs of the jack-up platform. Muns Techniek produced the necessary hydraulic drive and control system. The heart of the system is formed by ten hydraulic units, each delivering 370 kW.

Hydraulic cylinders:

  • piston diameter: 600 mm
  • rod diameter: 320 mm
  • stroke: 4,200 mm
  • weight without oil filling: 13.5 t
  • max. tensile force:
    • 7,081 kN/722 t at 350 bar nominal pressure
    • 450 bar test pressure on rod side
  • max. compressive force:
    • 2,010 kN/205 t at 250 bar nominal pressure
    • 350 bar test pressure on piston side
  • special features:
    • magnetostrictive travel measuring system
    • 2 inductive limit switches
    • corrosion protection piston rod: nickel hard chrome
    • painted cylinder and rod eye: three-coat paint