Construction ship “Seabreeze”, Germany

For two construction ships of a German corporation for renewable energies Montanhydraulik and Muns Techniek supplied the entire hydraulic jacking system, including the electrical controller.

The particularity in the construction of the ships lies in two, per supporting leg movable and opposing lifting frames, whose movement is controlled by a synchronous control system especially developed for this project. Because of this it is possible to implement the lifting and lowering of the four supporting legs via the required stroke in synch, without the need for stopping the platform for the locking procedure.

The ships can be fixed into position to the exact centimetre in the sea via satellite. They are capable of operating in water depth of over 40 m and are thus ideally suited for constructing offshore wind farms.

The construction ships, 109 m long and 40 m wide, are able to transport and erect up to four offshore wind turbines of megawatt class 5 and 6 complete with foundations and even under rough sea conditions.


  • hydraulic performance: 3,990 kW
  • max. oil flow: 9,600 l/min
  • max. operational pressure: 325 bar

Hydraulic cylinders:

  • 48 traction cylinders: 630/280 x 3,000 mm
  • max. cylinder speed, leg up/down, floating: 1.0 m/min
  • max. effective speed, leg up/down, floating: 0.84 m/min
  • max. effective speed, barge up/down: 0.70 m/min
  • piston rod coating: ceramic with integrated displacement measurement system