Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service at Maintenance 2015 in Dortmund

Sought – found: Reliable service partner

04.03.2015 11:15

Dortmund, March 4, 2015. This year’s appearance at Dortmund’s Maintenance trade fair brought Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service an enquiry for the repair of hydraulic cylinders for eight scrap presses, in addition to a great deal of contact with customers. The company in question specialises in recycling scrap steel and non-ferrous metals. Above all, however, the company which operates throughout Europe with a total of 150 sites is looking for a professional and reliable service partner to ensure efficient and fault-free operations. 

Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service fulfils the necessary prerequisites – based on its modern machinery, its expertise in the maintenance and design of large hydraulic cylinders, its comprehensive service, and its flexibility and quick reaction times thanks to collaboration within the Montanhydraulik Group.

For CEO Heinz-Peter Kupiek, enquiries such as these are the reason for the success of the Dortmund trade fair for maintenance, at which over 150 exhibitors were represented on 25th and 26th February 2015. “We were able to generate four or five interesting orders from new customers and maintain contact with existing customers,” reports Kupiek. “The head of service at Liebherr Nenzing Service GmbH, which offers service for ship and harbour cranes in Hamburg, travelled especially from Hamburg. We maintain around 20 tipping cylinders for ship cranes for the service company each year.”

Other discussions concerned enquiries from companies in the fields of steelmaking, steel stabilising, flat products and construction systems made from steel, as well as chipboard manufacture. The necessary repairs apply to hydraulic cylinders for large-diameter pipe bending machines and metal forming machines, large presses, mills, as well as aluminium presses and casting machines. 

The positive response at Maintenance in Dortmund is encouraging the maintenance company to present its service in neighbouring countries too. From 10th to 11th June, Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service will therefore also be represented at stand C05 at Maintenance in the Austrian city of Wels.

More information on the trade fair can be found here.

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