Almost 18 percent of electric energy produced in the world today is generated by hydroelectric power plants. Following the steady expansion of this potential for more than two decades, the consistent utilisation of wind energy is now gaining in importance.

The driving forces behind the expansion of wind power generation have been Germany and the EU. Germany alone is planning the installation of offshore wind farms generating a capacity of around 25,000 MW by 2030. So as to achieve this objective, harbour infrastructures and specialist ships and loading facilities must be developed and produced.

Jack-up platforms and construction ships that lift gigantic loads and which, to be able to do so require stable anchoring in water depths of up to 50 m, are used for the construction of such wind power stations. The requirements on the hydraulics are extremely high. The well-founded know-how gained in mobile crane construction and the global experiences gained in hydro-mechanical engineering make Montanhydraulik one of the most competent partners in the market today.

Together with the Dutch subsidiary Muns Techniek B.V. we develop and manufacture complete hydraulic solutions from hydraulic aggregates to control systems and software right down to corrosion-resistant hydraulic cylinders – and all from one single source.