Mobile harbour crane LHM

The LHM range offers mobile harbour cranes for flexible deployment, designed for a variety of applications ranging from container handling through to the transport of containers and bulk or packaged goods. The largest crane in this series, the LHM 600, lifts heavy loads of up to 208 t.

The LHM is designed as an undercarriage-mounted slewing jib crane that can execute three main types of movement: slewing, luffing and hoisting. The jib crane is powered by a hydraulic differential cylinder. Another feature, which highlights the high regard in which safety is held by the crane manufacturer, is the position of the luffing cylinder: it is located above the lattice boom. This avoids potential damage to the cylinder from swinging loads or excessively high stacks of containers on board the vessel. Here, too, the cylinder technology is from Montanhydraulik.

Technical data LHM 600:

  • total weight: ca. 553 t
  • overall hight (top of tower): 38,4 m
  • lenghth of undercarriage: 25,9 m
  • standard supporting base: 14 x 14 m
  • min. till max. radius: 12–58 m
  • max. hoisting heights (above quai at min. radius): 45 m