Jack-up rig “Thor”, Germany

The use of environmentally compatible energy sources is gaining significance on a world-wide basis, particularly in the field of offshore applications. The increasing demands on the construction of offshore wind parks especially require increasingly larger and more powerful lifting platforms. “Thor” with a weight of about 6,400 t, can work safely and efficiently in water with a depth of more than 30 m with a load capacity of 3,300 t, 1,850 m2 free deck area and a deck load of on 15 t per m2.

The extension of the 70 by 40 m pontoon in the water is ensured by means of the hydraulic lifting system. Montanhydraulik supplied the necessary die hydraulic cylinders for this purpose. The cylinders have a magnetostrictive travel measuring system. The hydraulics company equipped the piston rods with a nickel hard chrome coating as corrosion protection.

Hydraulic cylinders:

  • piston diameter: 600 mm
  • rod diameter: 320 mm
  • stroke: 4,200 mm
  • weight without oil filling: 13.5 t
  • max. tensile force:
    • 7,081 kN/722 t at 350 bar nominal pressure
    • 450 bar test pressure on rod side
  • max. compressive force:
    • 2,010 kN/205 t at 250 bar nominal pressure
    • 350 bar test pressure on piston side
  • special features:
    • magnetostrictive travel measuring system
    • 2 inductive limit switches
    • corrosion protection piston rod: nickel hard chrome
    • painted cylinder and rod eye: three-coat paint