Mobile crane construction

The development of the AT crane, that is used universally as the all-terrain crane, has established the German mobile crane industry as the global leader in this field. Montanhydraulik supplies these cranes with safety related components, such as telescopic, boom and outrigger cylinders, hydraulic accumulator cylinders and rotary joints, that have been developed through close cooperation withour customers. The range stretches from small city cranes with capacities of 25 t up to large 9-axle cranes with capacities up to 1,000 t and jib lengths up to 100 m.

The requirements placed on the various cylinders range from weight optimisation, which requires the use and processing of very thin walled pipes, up to low temperature compatibility, at which the cylinders have to operate reliably and safely. Single and multiple stage telescopic cylinders with internal oil supply and counter balance lockvalves, that Montanhydraulik have specially developed for this application, are exemplary of our know how.