Montanhydraulik produced the telescopic cylinder system for the tower for the GTK 1100, a mobile crane mainly designed for the performance of assembly work at great heights.

The performance of the extendible TWIN-LOCK boom of the superstructure is also based on the expert knowledge of the hydraulic specialist. The telescopic cylinder from Montanhydraulik thus enables the jib to reach a height of 16 m to 60 m.

The superstructure consists of five parts. It does not have a driver’s cabin, but can be operated either from the ground or from the platform using the remote control unit. This allows exact positioning. Including the optional heavy duty jib the crane reaches a lifting height of more than 140 m.

Technical data:

  • single-stage telescopic cylinder system with 4-point locking for the vertically telescopic tower
    • extendible height: from 19.4 m to 67.5 m
  • telescopic cylinder for the TWIN-LOCK boom of the superstructure
    • extendible height: from 16 m to 60 m