Container Crane PTC

For the modular-design PTC container crane, Montanhydraulik supplied a total of 24 custom-engineered hydraulic cylinders.

They are used in 12 ring sections as outrigger cylinders, to distribute the complete load as evenly as possible. Each cylinder can support a load of 1,600 t in this case.

The properties of the ceramic coating meet the particular corrosion protection requirements for the piston rods, that are in the extended position for a long period of time.

The PTC container crane is a heavy-lift crane. It rounds off the vehicle pool for Mammoet, a company that focuses on self-propelled heavy-lift modules with ultra-modern controls. Just like the other cranes, the PTC is a custom solution designed primarily to satisfy the needs of customers from the petrochemical and building industries, power station construction, and shipping and marine technology.