Hydraulic excavator RH400

The hydraulic excavator RH400 is with an overall height of 10 m, a width of 9 m and a total length of 19 m the largest hydraulic excavator in the world.

Under defined test conditions the RH400 achieves a maximal production output of 9,000 tons/hour. By way of the hydraulically enabled flexible working motions the excavator can realise equal shovel volumes at both flat and high walls. A single scoop of the 52 m³ volume shovel transports 100 tons of rock for instance. The shovel size is thus exactly matched to the payload capacity of a heavy duty vehicle.

The RH400’s impressive performance is achieved by way of an extremely strong propulsion concept. Two high-performance diesel engines with 16 cylinders each, a displacement of 60 l each and a total performance of both engines combined of 4,500 hp propel the excavator and ensure the fast cycle times required and the enormous crushing and tearing force of the shovel.

This enormous force is used exclusively to propel an extremely powerful hydraulic system that enables all working motions of the hydraulic excavator. Fed from a 10,000 l capacity hydraulic oil tank eight main pumps press up to 7,500 l/min through cylinders and engines.

The boom cylinders with a stroke of 3,230 mm and a compressive force of 590 tons were made by Montanhydraulik, as were the arm and dump cylinders.

Technical data:

  • operating weight: 980 t
  • engine output: 3,360 kW
  • shovel payload: 90 t
  • shovel payload capacity: 52 m3

Hydraulic cylinders:

  • boom cylinders:
    • 480/300 x 3,230 mm
    • max. compressive force 590 t
  • stick cylinders:
    • 370/250 x 2,900/2,750 mm
    • max. compressive force 350 t
  • dump cylinders:
    • 300/180 x 300 mm