Son La Dam, Vietnam

The significance of water power as the most important energy source in Vietnam increases upon the construction of South-Eastern Asia’s largest ever dam. From 2005 on, not only the power station with its six 400 MW turbines but also the Son La dam at the Da river have been under construction.

Each turbine supply channel is equipped with two inlet gates, moved by individual hydraulic cylinders. Montanhydraulik is responsible for the entire hydraulic system of these gates. The 12 hydraulic cylinders with a piston diameter of 710 mm can move a load of 7,000 kN over 11,800 mm lift. The piston rods with a diameter of 250 mm are made of stainless steel and have double chrome plating to protect them against corrosion.

Closing the gates of the 138 m high dam takes place by their own dead weight and is hydraulically controlled. The hydraulic units for the pressure supply to the drive cylinders were especially conceived by the Montanhydraulik engineers for the various loads occurring during gate movement.

While Montanhydraulik Germany supplied the cylinders, hydraulic units and control systems, the workforce of Montanhydraulik India accompanied the assembly, installation and commissioning of the entire system on site in cooperation with German colleagues.

Technical data:

  • 6 hydraulic units
  • 12 hydraulic cylinders
    • piston diameter: 720 mm
    • stroke: 12,000 mm
    • total weight: 35 t