Pumped storage power plant “Limberg II”, Austria

The construction of the pumped storage power plant “LimbergII”, reaching a total capacity of 833 MW, will take until 2012, and will more than double the former capacity of the storage power plants Kaprun Upper Stage and Kaprun Main Stage.

A central underwater valve chamber gate serves as a redundant emergency locking organ in the new pumped storage power plant “Limberg II“ for the end of the underwater works water channel. The latter was equipped with Montanhydraulik cylinder technology.

Montanhydraulik adapted the cylinder with a piston diameter of 450 mm and a lift of 6,950 mm especially to meet the requirements of the sluice function: A hydraulic lock reliably holds the sluice board in open position, by directly acting on the piston rod of the cylinder, thus preventing uncontrolled lowering.

Hydraulic cylinder with special hydraulic lock for the underwater valve chamber gate:

  • piston diameter: 450 mm
  • stroke: 6,950 mm