“Iron Gate” sluice, Romania

The “Iron Gate”, considered to be one of the most impressive gorges in Europe, is situated between the Serbian Erzgebirge and the Banater Mountains on the border between Romania and Serbia. The DSD NOELL Company, together with Montanhydraulik, repaired a two-stage sluice here form 2006 until 2008, compensating a height difference of 35 m.

The vertical lift gate of the sluice is lowered by two hydraulic cylinders, each having a lifting power of 4,500 kN. The piston rods with a diameter of 600 mm and an overall length of 24 m are manufactured from one piece and protected against corrosion and damage by means of a ceramic coating. For redundancy reasons, each vertical lift gate cylinder is equipped with two travel measuring systems integrated into the piston rod coating. By means of this the synchronous operation can be monitored – the signal is passed to the regulating electronics in the system and processed there.

Vertical lift gate cylinder Culvert gate cylinders
  • piston diameter: 600 mm
  • rod diameter: 220 mm
  • stroke: 18,000 mm
  • lifting power: 4,500 kN
  • weight without oil: 29 t
  • piston diameter: 500 mm
  • rod diameter: 200 mm
  • stroke: 6,000 mm