Indira Sagar Dam, India

The Indira Sagar Dam in central India with a dammed water area of 913 km2, a dam wall height of 92 m and a length of 653 m is the biggest one in India. It serves on the one hand to produce electricity with a total power of 1,000 MW, and on the other for the irrigation of 150,000 hectares of farmland.

Between 1998 and 2006 Montanhydraulik supplied and installed the components for eight intake gates as well as 20 radial gates. The ARMAC fully automatic reservoir monitoring and control system developed by Montanhydraulik India, was used successfully here for the first time.

Technical data:

  • 20 hydraulic drives
  • Automatic Reservoir Monitoring and Control System (ARMAC)
  • 40 hydraulic cylinders
    • piston diameter: 500 mm
    • rod diameter: 240 mm
    • total stroke: 13,200 mm
    • weight: 225 t