Hydraulic Drives and Controls

Montanhydraulik is your competent partner, when it comes to hydraulic drives and controls. Each application has a different demand like synchronized operation, travel speeds under various pressure cycles, damping, crack opening etc. We implement all these and more by using the most modern drive and control technology for our electro-hydraulic aggregates.

These include, for instance, fixed displacement pump units or power controlled variable axial piston pumps in closed or open loop circuits. These are combined with logic valves and specially designed manifold blocks housing robust and time tested electro-hydraulic components which are controlled and monitored via local and remote controls.

Systems engineering at Montanhydraulik is developed around simple, robust and easily available, non-proprietary components and protocols so that you never have to worry about obsolescence. PLC’s at the local level can communicate with master controllers with hot standby at the remote level via Modbus, Profibus, OFC and/or Ethernet communication.

The communication protocols are provided with redundant ring networks so that you’ll never lose control of the gates or the data from the gates. On the other hand, if simple, relay logic based systems is what the project needs, we would supplement this with our field programmable position indicators so that you achieve all the required gate operations and controls without a laptop or PC.