Hydraulic cylinders

With our competence in hydraulic system solutions, we can cover a wide range of products in hydromechanical engineering. One focus area is the design, production and commissioning of hydraulic cylinders with diameters up to 720 mm and strokes up to 20 m used in spillway radial gates, sluice gates, intake gates, bypass gates etc.

Hydraulic cylinders, especially long stroke cylinders constantly require new solutions for instance, when it comes to integrated measuring systems, manifold control blocks or hydraulically operated locking systems for the piston rod.

The tasks we are faced with, therefore, are much more than the mere professional designing of a cylinder. Beyond obvious considerations such as functional reliability, service life, corrosion protection and low maintenance, other factors have to be taken into account – such as the interaction of components and materials, project location, extent and nature of information processing.

We supply various combinations of materials and coatings, adapted to the specific application conditions:

  • stainless steel with double chrome plating
  • tempered alloy steel with ceramic coating
  • stainless steel or tempered alloy steel with NiCr coating