Montanhydraulik Product and Corporate Videos

A picture is often worth a thousand words. True to this maxim, we have put together a number of videos for you, which offer insights into our business philosophy and our products.

Montanhydraulik ARMAC Movie in 3D

3D movie about ARMAC – the Automatic Reservoir Monitoring and Control system for dams developed by Montanhydraulik

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Montanhydraulik Apprenticeship Video

Video about apprenticeship at Montanhydraulik

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Montanhydraulik corporate image video

Corporate image video about the company Montanhydraulik

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Montanhydraulik Repair Video

Short video about installing a large excavator steering cylinder

The video shows the process of shrink fitting the rod eye on the piston rod:

  • attaching the piston rod head to the hook of a 300-t mobile crane, lowered through the opened hall roof
  • heating of the vertical rod head to 300 ºC
  • cooling of the fitting diameter of the rod to –150 ºC using liquid nitrogen
  • lowering and introducing the piston rod via radio instructions given to the crane driver sitting in the crane cab
  • functional and compression testing
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Montanhydraulik Report Video

Report video about the repair of a large excavator

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