Our production basis:
high-tech plus experience

Our products are often basic components of machines and systems. Based on the operation experiences of our customers with these systems, a comprehensive knowledge results from this mutual exchange that is beneficial for the resolution of new application issues.

Know-how that we have gathered over the decades since our founding, is found once again in our technology centre. Research, development and construction design are combined under one roof where they benefit from mutual exchange. Our engineers can make use of 3D design programs, FE calculation programs as well as our own adapted calculation and simulation procedures to resolve more complex requirements.

The requirements placed on Montanhydraulik have different focuses: weight optimisation, cost optimisation, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance and low maintenance. To realise the interfaces to the customer’s machines and systems in question, our engineers also develop drive controls, highly complex control technology, integrated displacement transducers or special valves.

Our production has a wealth of manufacturing expertise, which is based on a state of the art machine park and experienced core employees consisting of skilled workers and manufacturing specialists.

The latest tool machines, welding robots, automatic assembly and test systems and galvanisation equipment are used as well as special machines, which are developed to our specifications from standard machinery and which are produced specially for us.

In the last few years we have expanded our different production plants specifically for certain products. This gives us greater flexibility and at the same time allows us to focus on our expertise and can even optimise set-up times for smaller production batches.