The companies within the Montanhydraulik Group

Montanhydraulik GmbH

Montanhydraulik GmbH

In the more than half a century since its foundation, Montanhydraulik has developed hydraulic linear actuators from simple hydraulic cylinders to high-tech drive systems. Montanhydraulik is today considered a premiere address for precision and quality.

Montanhydraulik India Pvt. Ltd.

Montanhydraulik India Pvt. Ltd.

Montanhydraulik India Pvt. Ltd has specialized in the delivery and installation of complete hydraulic systems and electric drive systems for dam gate projects. In the growing market of hydro-electric power generation, Montanhydraulik India’s know-how has made it one of the leading firms in Asia in this sector.


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Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service GmbH

Montanhydraulik Reperatur & Service GmbH

With its vast machinery and highly-qualified staff, Montanhydraulik Reparatur und Service is the lead contact in case of problems with hydraulic cylinders – worldwide.


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Muns Techniek B.V.

Muns Technieck B.V.

Since 1991 the Dutch company specialises in the development and manufacture of hydraulic installations and controls, amongst others in the sectors of offshore, wet dredging, shipbuilding and general construction.


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Maschinenfabrik Glückauf GmbH & Co. KG

Maschinenfabrik Glückauf GmbH & Co. KG

The development and manufacture of special equipment for mining is the business of Glückauf. This includes excavation and delivery systems, road heading and sink systems, long wall support technology for primary and auxiliary drives, as well as specialty shield construction.


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Agop Oleoidraulica S.p.A.

AGOP Oleoidraulica S.P.A.

AGOP produces cylinders and rotary joints at a high-tech level. The company, located in Spilamberto (Italy),  also develops complete systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical production, food and ship building industries.


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