The power of intelligence

Intelligent Power – this means permanent innovation. Know-how that we have gathered over the decades since our founding, is found once again in our technology centre. Research, development and construction design are combined under one roof where they benefit from mutual exchange.

Every order brings our engineers new design challenges: Our products have to withstand high loads and adverse environmental conditions on the one hand and on the other hand maintain tight tolerances – no matter whether underwater, offshore, above or below ground, sweltering hot or Arctic freezing.

The ever increasing component and system requirements mean that a detailed knowledge about the behaviour of components and materials is prerequisite. We add to this knowledge our test bench investigations which comprise fatigue design appraisal and which also serve to research basic principles. Proximity to production guarantees a practice-orientated and cost-effective design.

To realise the interfaces to the customer’s machines and systems in question, our engineers also develop drive controls, highly complex control technology, integrated displacement transducers or special valves.

As part of our customer oriented research and development we have launched more than 66 patents worldwide.