Special applications

We do not supply off-the-shelf hydraulic products. Instead we develop them to meet all application requirements. This is true for all of our solutions for industrial and civil plants, merchant ships and pleasure crafts, defense vehicles and equipment, cableways and machine tools.

AGOP’s cylinders and rotary actuators are also used in steel and rolling mills, which are subject to strict environmental conditions, while operating in a continuous cycle mode, with high operating temperatures and the use of special hydraulic fluids.

Since decades our cylinders and servomotors are also enabling your fun. Skiing, going up and down on roller coasters or taking a ride on a flight simulator, are just some examples of entertaining activities enabled by our technology. We supply components that are characterised by safety via redundancy, easy maintenance and low noise emission.


Products and services:

Cable- and ropeways

  • rope tensioning cylinders
  • brake cylinders


Marine and shipyard

  • hatch cover cylinders
  • ramp cylinders
  • gate cylinders
  • sails tensioning stainless cylinders
  • swing keel pistons, stainless steel or ceramic coated
  • launching yard cylinders


Steel and rolling mills

  • rotary actuators
  • differential cylinders



  • hydraulic cylinders
  • servomotors


General construction

  • hydraulic cylinders
  • rotary actuators
  • flow dividers