Our modern society is highly dependent on energy. AGOP hydraulic cylinders and rotary actuators are at work in the oil and petrol sector moving all kinds of valves, enabling the lifting and laying of underwater piping and drilling for oil and gas.

Some installations require a smooth and accurate transport of large loads by means of big cylinders, while at the same time smaller actuators enable the transport and processing of natural resources. The choice of the right internal cushioning system, of the most suitable hydraulic circuit as well as of the proper positioning and working parameters of the transducer is a crucial part of AGOP’s co-design activities.


Products and services:


  • luffing cylinders
  • knuckle cylinders
  • swing cylinders
  • backfilling arm cylinders
  • oil rig drilling cylinders
  • stainless steel hydraulic cylinders


Valve actuators

  • rotary actuators for ball, butterfly and slide valves