Mining, Tunnel Construction and Earth Moving Equipment

The moving and handling of material above and below ground has always served to improve the infrastructure for human and goods transport, and for the extraction of mineral resources. Especially underground operations offer big resources, providing us with raw materials for building and also opening up new ways for transport needs, for example through tunnels.

Due to the evolution of our society, there is an ongoing need for bigger and more specialised equipment and machinery. Whenever substantial power is required, hydraulics is the preferred technology. AGOP cylinders have been used throughout the world for decades – both in different building sites and in mines.

Our cylinders have been specially developed to meet the growing demand for more power, safety and environmental friendliness.


Products and services:

Tunnel construction

  • propel cylinders
  • crusher cylinders
  • gripper cylinders
  • tunnelling shield joint cylinders
  • torque support cylinders
  • rotary joints


Earth moving equipment

  • bucket cylinders
  • stick cylinders
  • boom cylinders
  • shovel cylinders



  • mast cylinders
  • stabiliser cylinders
  • tilting mast cylinders